Coach Standards

Live With Purpose Coaches - Prospective Coach Conduct Standards

All prospective coaches should be in alignment with our Mission & Vision Statements and our Statement of Faith. In addition, we do require that all Level 3 or higher candidates have a minimum of 5 years of measurable success in business.

Expectations of ALL level coaches (1, 2, 3 & 4)

  1. Each coach or coach-in-training will provide contact information for their current pastor, and the mentor coach (or mentor team) will meet/talk with the pastor to get some back-ground on the coach and their spiritual walk. This can be revisited at any time as well.
  2. At any juncture, the mentor coach(s) will conduct exercises with the coach-in-training to assess their character. Each coach must be able to receive correction well and go about making changes where it’s needed. This includes all coaches, staff, and the founder, as he is in submission to the board of directors. The idea is that everyone is held accountable, from coaching prospects to leadership.
  3. Each coach-in-training will meet early on with two or more members of the Live With Purpose team and shadow multiple coaches as a part of their training program. This helps us to reach an agreement before the Lord and better connect hearts and foster relationships as a team.
  4. Since the current leadership team and lineup of coaches are primarily male, female coach candidates must meet with one (or more) female coaches or team members of the Live With Purpose team and be approved and released by them as well as the leadership team.

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