High-Performance Mastermind Groups


Pennsylvania area CEO's and business leaders looking for an advanced means for executive coaching fit the Mastermind puzzle ideally.

Mastermind candidates are:

  • Current Invite Only clients themselves
  • High potential team members or leaders on a current Invite Only client's team
  • Personally endorsed by a current Invite Only client and approved by a tenured Live with Purpose coach
  • A leader/entrepreneur in the community that's committed to personal & professional growth


Mastermind groups pool together 8-12 CEO's and business leaders who meet at scheduled times throughout the year as a supplement to the business advisory process. Mastermind groups meet and function with the intent of achieving maximum personal and professional growth through a range of resources including video, audio, and web-based group content. This 'CEO roundtable' of sorts links peer accountability with a sense of community in route to a holistic mode for personal and professional enrichment.

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I have had the opportunity to attend many business type meetings during my business career, spanning forty five years and counting. When Joe asked me to be a speaker at two of the Mastermind meetings I had no idea what an amazing experience it would be. I am a firm believer that when you allow what is above you to control that which is in you, then that which is outside you won't. Being a part of these meetings has helped me better understand this paradox and how much better your life can be as a result.

Lou Grammes - Executive Planning Group