Ronald Raj

Global Business & Life Coach and Entrepreneur, INDIA

Ronald is founder & CEO of a business consulting firm that witnessed a growth of 12,500 times during the peak recession of 2009-2010.

ThoughtCapital® started with a humble INR 200 and grew to revenues worth INR 2.5 Million within the first year. This growth coupled with several years of experience in building businesses worth millions provides Ronald with a unique stand-point and an intense passion to address CEO's, Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders across different industries.

Ronald has over 15 years of rich experience in knowledge intensive consulting, training, assessment & services environment. Over the years, he has partnered with a spectrum of leading global organizations including those with over 45,000 employees across 40 countries and Billion plus revenues.

Driving change with leadership allows Ronald to address business challenges & demonstrate tangible results in areas such as Organization Vision, Mission, Core & Strategic Values, Business Strategy, High Performance Culture, Leadership Skills, Customer Focus, People Processes, Operational Excellence and Intellectual Capital Management. He has successfully addressed challenging issues during rapid business growth, M&A, downsizing and ownership change. Having worked extensively on managing different businesses while concurrently training, building and mentoring high performance teams, Ronald offers a unique perspective and leadership skill set in helping organizations analyze & solve business problems from multiple angles. Over the years, he has successfully conceptualized, designed and launched consulting services, certification programs and software services. He has led international forays into markets such as the US, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Argentina and Sri Lanka.