Ryan Lapp

Coaching Support & Prayer Leader

Ryan Lapp is the husband of one wife, Jodi, and has been happily married since 2000. Ryan and Jodi are the proud parents of four boys, and work as a team to manage a high-energy home life.

Ryan has worked in Customer Service roles, as well as various hands-on labor roles, and has spent the past 15+ years learning the construction trade at Doug Lamb Construction in Elizabethtown, where he began as an unskilled laborer and was eventually promoted to Project Manager (where he served his last 4 years before joining our team).

Ryan brings his “people first” approach management and to the team at Live with Purpose Coaching. He will serve both coaches and clients in an administrative role, as well as through focused prayer and intercession. Ryan hopes to leave a legacy of being a hard worker and life-longer learner, who used his God-given gifts to serve both God and people well. He is also a pastor with Live with Purpose Church.

In his free time, Ryan enjoys spending time with family, working on home remodeling projects, enjoying good music, and personal worship and Bible study time.

"If the enemy finds out that you will let go of your Purpose every time you are in crisis, then you will live the rest of your life in crisis." Meredith Zamora