CEO Business & Life Coaching

As a straightforward group of business advisors, we generally try to keep things simple when we work with people. We want there to be absolutely NO pressure when we meet. We don’t assume that we can help a person unless we’ve had an initial consultation. It’s our intent to personally invest in you. We find many people that we can help, although if both parties determine that our services would not be ideally beneficial, we encourage mutual honesty moving forward. If we’ve determined, after an initial free consultation, that it is sensible to continue as your business coach, then great! In those cases we create a “road-map” that explains a unique vision in how we could work together in your specific world to create a brighter future. If not, we can assure you that regardless of our consensus, we definitely seek to leave everyone with valuable insight and ideas.

We share a passion for helping others find their purpose in life by empowering them to use their God-given spiritual gifts and unique abilities. We’re committed to fitting people with the right perspective, tools and ideas to accomplish the desires and goals of their heart.

We aren’t your typical business consultants and as you can see below we offer three free sessions so that you understand that our focus is on growing you and your business.

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How the Discovery Coaching Process Works:

Session 1 – Free ‘Powerful First Conversation’ and ‘How Would This Succeed’ tools, Toolbox Forecasting, and the Creating Your Own Vision exercise all explore in detail how we might be able to help you in your world in a big-picture sense. This typically takes 2.5 hours. Either or both of us might determine that we can’t help, and if so, we are done. If we both feel we have a lot of areas of interest, then we will continue to the next two sessions.
Session 2 and beyond – There are several different options for payment. Paying as you go or committing to certain blocks of time and frequencies are both common and viable options. The style that you wish to pay may be contingent upon your goals. We can explore the 4-5 tracks that we have to offer if we get this far, though clearly we only would if we were making real progress together in the free sessions. We offer three sessions for free because we want the person to know the amount of commitment we have to personally serving and helping them. You can review these options and pay online by reviewing the on-line payment page of this website.

Note: Sessions can be ‘hosted’ by a number of venues, including your office, our office, a coffee shop, your house, etc. We meet wherever you are most comfortable to have conversations. At any time in the process you feel we are not being able to effectively serve you in a way that makes you want to continue the process, please feel liberty in telling us you would like to end the process.

Rules to Live By:

  1. Reject Passivity
  2. Accept Responsibility
  3. Lead Courageously
  4. Accept the Great Reward

Free Consultation:

If you want to talk about setting up a Free Consultation, feel free to contact us:

Phone: 717.615.2274