Special Workshops

The Path of the Kingdom Entrepreneur™

Choosing the road less traveled in the realm of business is a sacred charge, especially if your business operates within the confines of the "Kingdom" currently, OR if you desire it to. We've found that the route to becoming a Kingdom Entrepreneur is perhaps untraditional, but one with great reward, both in your everyday walk AND eternally. This path walks an entrepreneur through five levels of entrepreneurial transformation: a supernatural mindset, establishing your WHY network, creating a self-managing company, building and attracting self-managing teams, and Thinking that will Transform You™. We help these special breeds of entrepreneurs walk out a path of legacy and purpose that far transcends what other types of entrepreneurs experience. Their focus is where God’s principles govern and not that of man.

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The Lifestyle Entrepreneur’s Time Advantage™

For the business leader and entrepreneur, time management is one of the most vital skills in ensuring high productivity and quality work. This tool is designed to help you plan, prioritize and produce what you’re capable of. By observing the four different days this tool proposes to implement, you’ll be freer, more productive, and more accountable with your precious time. Only when you’ve learned to manage your time well will you be able to maximize your potential as a business professional.

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The Kingdom Leadership Time System™

This tool package is specifically designed for ministry leaders and intentionally purposed to combat the looming and difficult dragon of “burn-out.” We’ve found that managing one’s time and being deliberate in ensuring days to be with God, as well as days specifically appointed for personal spiritual growth could be the missing link in a truly powerful and spirit-filled ministry. These tools can be applied for ministry teams as a whole and are centered in accountability and communication.

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Building Your Heaven Bound Legacy™

Everyone can carry out their lives with a very specific and intricate legacy that only they could leave behind, but if you were asked what your legacy is, could you produce an adequate answer? This tool mobilizes you to get specific with God. What is your calling? Who has God fashioned you to reach? How, exactly, has he fashioned you to do it? Taking these questions to God can streamline your pursuit of Him and in the process bring you a life more deeply seeded in purpose and meaning.

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Cultivating a Kingdom Wealth Mindset™

The way someone considers money could be very telling to their overall spiritual climate, believe it or not. Just like the classes which define our socio-economic status, we believe that spiritually, you can subscribe to a poverty, middle class, or wealth paradigm. This tool focuses on breaking the spiritual ties with poverty and middle-class mindsets that can leave generations of people bound to something less than what God has for them. You’ll find through the implementation of this tool that living with a wealth mindset is within reach.

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How to Create your business through God's eyes™

There does not have to be a disconnect between your business and God. Business, by no means is inherently uncharacteristic of God either. Among the first instructions for mankind was the command to “create.” We’re made to create, innovate and invent, because we’ve been created in His image! Understanding God’s lens for His creation is a first step in dictating where your business is headed.

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Are you Running Down Your Dreams?

This is a very simple question but taken seriously can bring serious conviction. Dreams are not fairy tales or unattainable and "impossible" is not a word that holds much weight in the Kingdom. This workshop will encourage you to take risks, reach for something that may seem foolish and take first steps to achieving something out of the ordinary. The end result should be a new-found respect for your own God-given dreams and realization that God wills for your dreams to become reality!

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Company/Team Retreats

It's time to stop seeing retreats as self-beneficial. In an increasingly hectic world, taking time to refresh and re-focus is a strategic business move. Whether you choose to experience a new adventure or opt for a more relaxed weekend, the benefits are clear.

Focusing on your company in an off-site environment encourages growth, new ideas, and promotes team unity. A retreat can give a fresh perspective of your company as a whole, nourish clear communication, empower employees, and inspire learning.

Live with Purpose Coaching offers full-service retreat planning. Choose your desired date, budget, vision for the outing, and the approximate distance you would like to travel, and we will take care of planning the details. Whether you are seeking a one-time outing or a quarterly re-charge, our custom retreat planning is fit for any organization. Contact us today to start your adventure.

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Crucial Conversations Group and Team Training

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