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In my years of coaching, one idea or shared goal exists as a common thread amongst my clients: The idea that there is "more." God has more for you in your business, ministry, relationships and personal life. Being hungry for more is central to any entrepreneur, businessperson or leader. Our coaching team leverages decades of experience now in an effort to address the "more" in your life, whatever it may be. We specialize in business coaching, career transition coaching, spiritual life growth mentoring and financial stewardship coaching. Our team blends years of industry experience with diverse techniques, tools and systems to help you arrive at a place of deep-seeded purpose and prosperity.

It’s our honor to walk alongside you in the journey that is life. We don’t approach our coaching relationships as mere service providers; our investment in you is one which includes discernment, prayer and much thought. Our clients tend to agree that we have a way of invoking in them the action that it requires to re-invent their lives. Among entrepreneurs, the creative fabric is innate, and we as a team purpose to maximize that quality in our clients as we encourage and coach them. Our solutions and tools are designed to power you through life’s hurdles and challenges and are specific to your scenario.

We are not a fit for everyone. We’re selective in the sense that we only work with people who are intensely committed to personal and career growth. Typically, this will include two profiles or types of clients. The first category is the CEO or business owner who desires "lifetime" growth while living as a "lifestyle" entrepreneur or a Kingdom-minded entrepreneur who puts God first in all they do. These clients also many times want our help in turning their organizations into Self-Managing Companies that can grow without them. They get to choose to participate in the business in the ways that is life giving, but they are empowered to use their time to largely work “on the business vs. in it”. The second type of client is an individual, one who wants to rediscover his/her identity and break free from a life lived shy of their calling and destiny. In either category, it’s our desire to take the proper steps to maximize you holistically.

You can contact our team directly at: 717-283-2377 or We're glad to field any coaching questions or discuss scheduling an initial free consultation.

May God bless you richly,

Joseph W. Sharp

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