Invite-Only Programs

Depending on the level of personal engagement, reliability, accountability and development, the Live with Purpose team may select a client for an Invite-Only Program. This program is typically but not exclusively reserved for CEO's and business leaders who have successfully gone through 20 or more hours of coaching, however some exceptions could be made by founder and senior coach, Joseph Sharp. Within this program are four distinct options:

  • Level 1 – Key Team Member Coaching Program (for a CEO’s 1 key team or family member)
  • Level 2 – Internal Coach Program (for a CEO’s top 2-5 team members)
  • Level 3 – VIP Strategic Partner Program (for CEO’s)
  • Level 4 – Coaching Life Line Program (for CEO’s and their top 1-2 team members)

Each program allows your Live with Purpose Coach to engage you and your key team members on a deeper level. Sessions support your employees also, not just the business owners. We also remove time barriers, organize management retreats, conduct audits/CEO cross-reviews by your top employees, and several other features not made available to other clients. These programs allow our coaches to build impactful relationships with business leaders and their employees in a more hands-on fashion. Many of our current clients and their teams operate on these programs and it has proven to be the most effective way to help CEO’s grow personally, professionally and financially.

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