Justin Wolgemuth

Mastermind Facilitator, Life Coach and Entrepreneur

My deepest desire is to reflect Christ and be a shining light to each and every person I meet. I never want to miss an opportunity to impact lives for Christ, but rather be a blessing to others through intentional acts of kindness and generosity. My mission is to be an example of God's love, mercy, and forgiveness, and to listen and encourage others to find their higher calling, purpose, and passion in life. I firmly believe that all people were created by God especially and uniquely to accomplish great things. I, therefore, pledge to be a spiritual leader in my home, praying for wisdom that can only come from Christ. My goal continues to be stepping into the role of a better husband and dad as I endeavor to step into a fuller measure of Christ's stature. All have the chance to stand on the power of a life built on an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. I believe nothing is impossible with God and I long for others to come to this realization and experience true meaning and purpose.

As a young teen I spent three yrs in Guatemala with my parents on the mission field. This opportunity created in me a heart of thankfulness and a desire to serve. I've been married for 20 yrs and have three wonderful children. I enjoy spending time together as a family and watching my children grow and mature. Enjoyment comes from investing in learning and growing as a leader.

I graduated from Millersville University with a Bachelor's degree in nursing and I currently serve as the Nursing Director of Horizon Healthcare and Affilia. I've held a current real estate license in PA for 13 yrs. I'm also currently a business partner in Surge Energy Services and serve on a Zoning Hearing Board. In the past I've served four years on a local school board.

I enjoy playing in a men's soccer league, throwing the football with my sons, and watching my children play sports. Spending time at our cabin riding ATV's and snowmobiles with my family is another joy that I look forward to, as is fishing and hunting with our sons. My ultimate joy comes from investing in my family and others.

Finding your purpose in life comes from a higher calling that requires you to live for something other than yourself!