Our Team

Joseph Sharp

Author, Speaker, Coach and Entrepreneur

As a twenty-something college student, Joseph Sharp had little idea of the entrepreneurial success he would be blessed with over the next decade or the spiritual transformation he would experience. Nor did he have any inkling how this success in business would evolve into a passion for helping others find their purpose in life.

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Steve Adams

Senior Business Coach, Mastermind Facilitator, & Entrepreneur

As an experienced Entrepreneur, Steve has been engulfed in just about every facet of business in his career tenure. From real estate, cable TV, technology, advertising & marketing, retail and specialty food manufacturing, Steve's wealth of knowledge and experience in the business sphere is undeniable. He's been on the leadership team as an owner or partner for six different businesses and has helped to establish foundational roots for two others in the eastern Pennsylvania region. His knowledge base is extensive with business start-up, growth strategies, sales, marketing and management.

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Justin Wolgemuth

Life Coach and Entrepreneur

My deepest desire is to reflect Christ and be a shining light to each and every person I meet. I never want to miss an opportunity to impact lives for Christ, but rather be a blessing to others through intentional acts of kindness and generosity. My mission is to be an example of God's love, mercy, and forgiveness, and to listen and encourage others to find their higher calling, purpose, and passion in life.

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Ronald Raj

Global Business & Life Coach and Entrepreneur, INDIA

Ronald is founder & CEO of a business consulting firm that witnessed a growth of 12,500 times during the peak recession of 2009-2010.

ThoughtCapital® started with a humble INR 200 and grew to revenues worth INR 2.5 Million within the first year. This learning along with several years of experience in building businesses worth millions provides Ronald a unique stand-point and an intense passion to address CEOs, Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders across different industries.

Ronald has over 15 years of rich experience across knowledge intensive consulting, training, assessment & services environment. Over the years, he has partnered with a spectrum of leading global organizations including those with over 45,000 employees across 40 countries and a Billion Dollar plus revenues.

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Ryan Lapp

Coaching Support & Prayer Specialist

Ryan Lapp is the husband of one wife, Jodi, and has been happily married since 2000. Ryan and Jodi are the proud parents of four boys, and work as a team to manage a high-energy home life. Ryan brings his “people first” approach management and to the team at Live with Purpose Coaching. He will serve both coaches and clients in an administrative role, as well as through focused prayer and intercession. Ryan hopes to leave a legacy of being a hard worker and life-longer learner, who used his God-given gifts to serve both God and people well. He is also a pastor with Live with Purpose Church.

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Peter Stevenson

Art Director

Peter Stevenson is the rare combination of a person who's not only driven, but passionate for all the right reasons. "I love the idea that the project I'm working on could have a positive effect on someone's life." Peter definitely brings his passion into his work on a daily basis. He has a vision for unique, fresh, and eye-catching work that is manifested in his website designs and artwork. His ability to grasp the requirements for a project and deliver on what was said and what was not said, is a gift.

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