Gina Paredes

Coaching Administrator, Financial, & Admin Support Consultant

Colombian born Gina Paredes brings an exciting dynamic to the Live With Purpose Coaching team. A devout intercessor and spiritually-minded Christian, Gina seeks to walk in God's fullness each and every day, and promote that fullness to those around her. Her spiritual niche, or calling, is to minister to single mothers through counseling and to guide them to the realization that they have great value in the sight of their Heavenly Father.

Gina's practical expertise falls in the area of finance, where she complements the team with unprecedented organization and precision. Her knack for numbers is coupled with a strong gift of discernment and an unbridled persistence and sense of urgency in prayer, much welcomed characteristics for the growing Live With Purpose Coaching team.

Gina is the mother of two girls, Gia and Ann Marie, and has been happily married for 16 years to her husband Robbie Paredes. She enjoys the beach, cooking and spending time with her family.

Account and Administrative Consulting Assistance:

Are you looking to streamline the accounting process, and ensure proper financial data and practices are kept? Gina Paredes can assist or train you to achieve that through financial and administrative coaching offered by Live with Purpose Coaching. By analyzing what is already in place, we can identify issues and perform research on the best solutions in order to establish efficient workflows. For more information click here.